The Kitten Stuff Done Project

You may not know it, but for 9 years I worked from home as a writer and editor. Eventually I moved into management at a big company, and did a lot of what they call “knowledge work” — which is fancy talk for “manager of stuff.” And boy did I have a lot of stuff to do. I got hundreds, if not thousands of emails a day from people wanting a piece of my time. I had projects to deal with! Meetings blocking the path… Maybe you have the same problems?

Kitten Stuff Done has a long history I’ll go into later, but I think it’s a pretty fun way to plan your day and try to stay on track with your goals, be they daily, weekly, monthly or more. This month we’re shipping a video game (more on that later too!) but next month we’re shipping a sort of card game and I couldn’t be delighted to tell you more soon. There are a bunch of artists helping this come to life and I want everyone to know how much their art is appreciated. Plus, we’ll be donating some of the proceeds to cat rescue groups.

Here’s our infomercial!

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