No Man’s Sky Next: Review Roundup

When No Man’s Sky originally launched, we spent a little time playing around in its huge, procedurally-generated worlds. My son, mostly, whipped around the galaxy and eventually built up a significant ship, and found some pretty cool worlds. But the Next update is making a lot of buzz, so I thought it would be worth a look at a few tips and reviews. For my part, I’m thinking about creating a sort of narrative fiction podcast (video/audio) around the game, now that it’s got a little more “game” in it.

Polygon has some great tips for anyone who played the original and wants to wrap their brain around the update. It’s a great place to start!

Kotaku has some info on how you can make wads of cash in the game, something that’s more important than ever.

Gamespot has a quick hit on the latest patch updates (1.52.1) — an update that fixes some rather nasty bugs.

Destructoid has the full review for anyone new to the game or players who had given up. Focus is naturally on multiplayer and new options. The review accurately points out some weird choices by the developers (storms are client-side), and gives you the full rundown if you’re a newb.

Eurogamer also has a good review that dives more into performance issues for those of you playing on PC’s and expecting gorgeous graphics.

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