Running a board game company: Ted Alspach, Bezier Games

In our first episode of Angry Dad Gamer’s Both Sides of the Board podcast, we talk to Ted Alspach of Bezier Games, Inc. It’s sort of funny that I didn’t realize I was talking to THE Ted Alspach, who has written a number of books, at least one of which I’ve read back in the day (on Kai Power Tools, for you old timers). Anyway,

Ted fills us in on his life running Bezier Games, which makes some really cool games like One Night Werewolf and Whistle Stop, among many others (I saw New York Slice at a demo day and I’m adding it to my collection ASAP).

We’re having an issue getting into iTunes, so until then you can find the show on Google Play or listen directly on SoundCloud. We’ve embedded the show below!

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